Building for Today and Tomorrow

PacTrust has the capabilities and certified personnel to execute your eco-conscious building project or make efficiency upgrades to your space. Our portfolio includes properties with a range of sustainable features from LED lighting to LEED Platinum certification.

Energy Savings

PacTrust has implemented a number of standards and programs to reduce the energy consumption of new buildings and existing spaces.

  • Established a standard to install interior and exterior LED lighting at all new buildings and several existing sites
  • Added lighting controls, dimmers, and occupancy sensors at many buildings
  • Achieved Energy-Star Certification at several locations
  • Offset electrical usage at PacTrust’s M&T Chico Ranch with the use of solar panels; several other sites are “solar ready” to accommodate panels in the future
  • Installed electric vehicle charging stations at several buildings and parks
  • Worked with the Energy Trust of Oregon to identify areas of significant energy loss and recommend energy enhancements

LEED Certification

The PacTrust team includes LEED Accredited Professionals who can assist with your sustainable building projects. LEED certification is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council based on numerous factors including energy conservation, waste stream management during construction, chemical usage, employee comfort, and more. The Banfield Pet Hospital corporate headquarters development achieved LEED Platinum certification, the highest rating possible.

Water Conservation

Water conservation has been a priority since the beginning of our sustainability program. PacTrust routinely chooses turf and landscaping that require less water and, when possible, less chemical fertilizer. PacTrust currently uses efficient drip irrigation and, since the 1980’s, has used weather-based irrigation systems as well. Most of PacTrust’s buildings also offer low-flow toilets and faucets.

Low-Impact Site Development

During site development, PacTrust is mindful of the effects of stormwater runoff. To remove phosphates and other potentially harmful elements, rain gardens, bioswales, wetlands, and pervious pavement are added to many of our properties. Columbia Tech Center features an improved treatment space that also provides a habitat for wildlife and a pleasing environmental aesthetic. Hopworks Urban Brewery is certified as Salmon Safe for its low impact on the surrounding watershed.

Eco-Conscious Materials

When possible, PacTrust uses low-VOC paint and carpeting in interior spaces and often chooses building materials with recycled content. During demolitions, PacTrust recycles or reuses materials whenever possible, such as doors and lighting fixtures, instead of throwing them away.

Sustainability Philosophy

PacTrust’s sustainability program is a natural outcome of maintaining and sustaining our buildings for long-term use. PacTrust continually explores ways to best serve our tenants while also being good stewards of the Earth. Often, these sustainability projects save money. Other times, they’re simply the right thing to do. Contact us to discuss sustainability initiatives for your space.