COVID-19 Health Measures

COVID-19 Health Measures

Welcome Back

The health and safety of our tenants and all building visitors is paramount to PacTrust and our property management team. As we collectively prepare to return to our workspaces during this unprecedented coronavirus outbreak, we have implemented several health and safety measures throughout our office buildings.



Specific social distancing reminders have been installed in the main common areas, building entries, stairwells, elevators, and restrooms of all of our full-service office buildings. Additionally, CDC hand washing guidelines are displayed by restroom sinks.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

We are working to provide hand sanitizer dispensers near the entry of each building and in common area gathering spaces.

Building HVAC

All heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are set to run 24 hours a day to provide continuous air circulation to our buildings. The controls are set to allow increased ventilation from outside air.

Cleaning & Sanitization

We have increased the daily sanitization of high touch point surfaces including:

Common Areas

  • Door handles and stair handrails
  • Elevator call buttons and handrails
  • Lobby and reception countertops
  • Restroom surfaces and stalls
  • Drinking fountains

Tenant Suites

  • Door handles
  • Surfaces, such as counter tops, file cabinets and handles, and tabletops
  • Conference room tables and chair arm rests
  • Kitchen area counter tops, cabinets and drawer pulls, and commonly used appliances, such as coffee machines, microwaves, and refrigerators
  • We encourage each building occupant to wipe down their personal electronics and work areas daily




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